Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Remote Office: Mixing Family And Work All Day

Unknown 4/14/2020
Recently we discussed how COVID-19 lead the CEO, Agie Sundaram, to move quickly to be sure our staff was working safe from home. He saw the potential risks and allowed our staff to transition to work remotely so they could adjust to the changes. 

Our team is in contact daily and we’ve discovered other ways working from home has reshaped how we work. As we’ve settled into our “new offices” complete with Zoom-filled barking dogs, crying babies and quarantined children practicing the trumpet, we’ve completely shifted our lives and we’re working longer hours.

Now we begin our days early with Slack check-ins to start the day and pre-dinner calls to wrap up our days. And it’s more common to wake up to an email that was sent and late the night before.

When your commute is the length of the hall, it’s easier to put as much effort into your work as you do your family life. With our children at home, our attention is being pulled in different directions all day. 

We’re getting up early and replying to the previous evening’s emails before we make breakfast for the family. As soon as school lessons are in place we’re returning calls and logging into video chats and conference calls. 

Lunch meetings have been replaced with conversations about a child’s online geography quiz or a flash card study of the state capitals. Golf meetings are now walks through the park with the family pet (while adhering to social distance guidelines). 

Our lives are different and our desks are no longer in cubicles or corner offices. Now our workstations are wherever we can find enough space and quiet to address a client’s needs or lead a webinar without our personal lives interfering too much.

SPAN Enterprises is here to help however we can during this unprecedented situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

We’re in this together.

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