Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How COVID-19 Has Altered The Meaning Of Kindness

Unknown 4/07/2020
Here at SPAN Enterprises, we're looking forward to a future, hopefully not too far away, where we can be closer to our family, friends and co-workers. While working from home has some benefits, we do miss each other.

As we keep everything business as usual remotely, we hear from our clients everyday and we’ve noticed the first question always asked has taken on a different meaning. The most simple “How are you?” is less of an extended greeting now. It’s taken a more earnest tone that’s really saying “We’re in this together. Let’s talk.”

Some of us have begun to realize how much they actually need to interact with people. Others have adjusted better by using it as an opportunity to take on projects and hobbies or work on changes within themselves. 

Take a short walk through your neighborhood and you’ve probably noticed more people out running, walking (while hopefully abiding by social distance requests) or riding bikes. Maintaining these habits later may be hard, but simply making use of this time in a positive way is essential.

With such a catastrophic event, it can be difficult to remain upbeat. Calling old friends and reconnecting might seem outdated but it wasn’t too long ago that we put it off “because we’re too busy.” 

Staying connected has taken on a new meaning these days, just like “How are you?” But we’re here. We’re in this together and we do want to know how you’re doing.

Please stay safe and adhere to all applicable requests for social distancing.

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