Thursday, March 5, 2020

Coronavirus: The Enemy We Can Conquer Together

Derek Blackmon 3/05/2020 Be the first to comment!
Like most people, our staff at SPAN Enterprises has been talking a lot about the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, and the impact it’s having. We’re all concerned about how it’s affecting the economy and especially our community. What we have all agreed to do is remain calm and not let it upset our lives anymore than it already has.


Fear is something we all handle differently. Something foreign like a previously unknown virus that suddenly begins to infiltrate our communities can be hard to understand. It’s easy to overreact and panic. 

As a team, our office has spent time discussing and understanding COVID-19. We’ve taken extra precautions by making hand sanitizer and tissue a desk requirement. But we go on with our day assisting clients and building relationships because we won’t be deterred. 

We’re all affected by COVID-19, but it’s up to us to decide how much it will affect us. We can’t sit by and allow ourselves to be defeated. We need to be aware and rational. We’ve survived pandemics and epidemics in the past, when science knew almost nothing about fighting such problems.

We can make it through this as well. We’re strongest when we fight together. 

Our thoughts are with everyone suffering from this horrible situation. 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Office Fitness | The Beginning of Something Great

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Working in the tech industry is exciting. Every day is an adventure, but a lot of our work is done sitting down. Our brains are running daily marathons, but our bodies just hang out in some extremely comfortable chairs. It's time to make a healthier office environment. If you feel like your office needs some Richard Simmons inspiration, try out these fitness and health eating challenges. Let's do this!

Creating Healthy Choices 

Providing fresh fruit and healthier snacks are great alternatives to cookies and doughnuts. Sweet treats are loaded with sugar, as you know, and that sugar actually slows down brain function making it difficult to focus and work efficiently. Here are a few ideas to get the entire office involved, and excited about healthy eating:

Healthy Potluck Challenge
We love potlucks, and have done many different themed lunches that bring us together to break bread and have a good laugh. A healthy potluck challenge would give employees the chance to show off some new chef skills and create delectable delicacies that are also healthy. When you're loaded down with heavy starches (mashpotates, pastas, andything fried) it's hard to pump up that energy to get back to work.

Desserts Challenge
In our office, we have some of the most talented bakers around. They are so kind to bring in homemade cupcakes, brownies, and cookies. Although these treats are amazing, they aren't the most healthy sweets for us, so a good spin would be to make a healthy dessert challenge. In an office, it's always fun to have a light-hearted competition that showcases employee skills, and lets the entire office be taste testers. Whomever makes the tastiest desserts will win the title of Healthiest Office Baker.

Incorporating Fitness in Your Office

The best way to incorporate a fitness initiative in the office is to offer a variety of fitness options. Not everyone is going to want to join in and that's ok. Some people just like to take a stroll on their break and clear their minds. For others, an office workout is an awesome way to re-energize and refresh the mind. Sitting at a desk all day can create a brain-drain effect, and it also compresses the spine, causes soreness in your shoulders, and stiffness in your elbows from staying in one position for hours on end. Here are some great ways to get the kinks out, and sharpen your focus:

3 Minute Stretching
Every hour, or whatever time interval you want, step away from the computer and stretch out your shoulders, arms, and neck for 3 minutes. It's also a great break for your eyes. Staring at the computer screen for long periods of time puts a great strain on your eyes to where it can cause headaches, and your vision to blur.

3 Minute Yoga
This one is fun. You can pull up some yoga moves on your phone, or computer, and challenge your team members to hold the pose for however many seconds. Then, move on to another pose. It's something to get your team up, moving, and doing something together.

The Lunch Break Walk
After lunch, it's always a great idea to walk around outside for a few minutes. In downtown Rock Hill, SC, Fountain Park is the main travel destination for our lunch break walkers. It has the re-energizing effect that a lot of the SPAN team enjoy, and it is just beautiful.

Incorporating fitness and healthy eating into an office setting is a great way to get people together, and boost moral. By starting short 3 minute stretches, or challenge the office to a healthy dessert cook-off, are great ways to get people excited about a healthier lifestyle.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

MATS 2020: SPAN Enterprises Takes The Show On The Road

Derek Blackmon 2/27/2020 Be the first to comment!
Here at SPAN Enterprises we pride ourselves on having a good time. Occasionally, we have to leave our home office in Rock Hill, SC to have fun and this year is no exception.

In just a few weeks SPAN will be attending MATS, the Mid-Atlantic Trucking Show, one of the largest trucking shows in the country, in Louisville, Kentucky.

MATS is a wonderful opportunity to network, make new friends and reconnect with old acquaintances! Our own ExpressAmber is already spreading the word about SPAN's arrival at MATS!

If you're already registered to attend, be sure to look for her and grab some free swag from TruckLogics, ExpressTruckTax, PayWow and TSNA.

This year SPAN is excited to promote its most recent product PayWow, the complete payroll solution for small business and fleet owners. With new integrations for a smoother user experience, PayWow provides a simple, user-friendly interface and cloud-based storage so you can process off-cycle payrolls, Direct Deposits or issue checks directly from the app.

Are you planning to attend MATS? If you haven't registered yet, sign up today and come hang out with us in Louisville!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Cultivate Morning Rituals that create Better Work Flow

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Rituals have been a part of humanity since the beginning of time. We thrive on habitual practices that symbolize our goals, values and desires. Rituals often remind people of religion, but it’s best described as a series of habits that consciously or unconsciously set our intentions for the moment.

Morning rituals have the ability to make or break the day. It can affect your family life and even work productivity. When you unconsciously roll out of bed late, argue with family while rushing out the door and battle with traffic, the tone set for the workday is frazzled and frustrated. However, if you arise early and spend time preparing the mind and body for the day, you feel energized and motivated for whatever lies ahead.

If you’re currently in a morning rut that transpires into a rat wheel race for the rest of the day: Do not despair; turn it around with a few simple changes. Follow the tips below and support your concerted effort to create a positive morning routine.These rituals lead to a more productive work day and a more fulfilling day overall.

Better Starts in Bed
Getting no less than seven to eight hours of sleep will curb the crankiness. Make a point of going to bed early — you will feel more refreshed and ready to greet the day. Also, when the alarm goes off, don’t hit snooze, get up and get going. The act of hitting snooze defines the morning as an unwelcome visitor. Make friends — stretch and smile and give salutations to the sun. One more thing, remember to make your bed. This gives closure to sleep time and prevents further unruffling of the sheets.

Spend Time in Silence
Rushing to cloud the mind with news or morning talk shows averts attention from what’s going on inside. Face anxieties head on with some positive self-dialogue. Release fears and don’t add to them with social media drama and stress-inducing crime stats. Ease into the day with silence or soft, instrumental music giving your brain time to warm up in a pleasurable way.

Set Your Intentions
Instead of allowing others to dictate how your day will go, consciously choose how you want to feel, act and be. There are many ways to do this, so you have to find what works best for you. Some examples are journaling, meditation, reading or listening to inspirational messages and repeating positive affirmations. Find the best method to use everyday or change it up. However you accomplish this, it’s vital to take ownership of your intentions.

Take Care of Your Body
They say people who exercise in the morning are more alert and productive throughout the day. Set aside time for exercise — whether it’s walking, running or yoga — get the heart rate up and blood pumping. After getting your sweat on, spend some quality time getting ready. Try out a new hairstyle, paint your fingernails, or iron the wrinkles out of your best suit. The way we present ourselves symbolizes to the world (and ourselves) how we feel and how we should be treated. Dress like a business leader and you will be treated as a business leader.

Learn Something
Watch an inspirational video while drinking coffee. Listen to NPR or a book on tape during the daily commute to work. Research something that insights creativity. Remain curious about the world and everything in it. Coming to work thinking like a student opens a world of opportunity.

Fine tune these little habits to solidify a morning routine that picks up your potential and you will lead a more engaging, thought-provoking, productive and joyous lifestyle.
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