Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Story Of Small Business In A COVID-19 World

Caleb Flachman 6/03/2020 Be the first to comment!

SPAN Enterprises has not escaped the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our team has been working remotely since mid-March in an effort to keep everyone safe. However, operations have continued pretty much as normal. We have even found new ways to increase the effectiveness of our work! Our team has adapted to their new working environment, and we’ve been able to make the most of every opportunity. At the time of writing, South Carolina is in the process of reopening after quarantine.

SPAN Enterprises has been fortunate during this time, but like so many businesses, it has not been easy. We know small businesses everywhere are struggling, and we reached out to business owners in our area to see how they are fairing and how we can help them.

Jennifer Panther, Owner of ElisaGrayce Boutique here in Rock Hill and a PayWow client, spoke candidly with us. Here’s her insightful update on running her small business during COVID-19.

“My name is Jennifer Panther and I own ElisaGrayce Boutique. We have been in business for 3 years and carry a variety of items from jewelry and clothing to handcrafted pieces made by our locals. COVID-19 forced us to close for several weeks, but thankfully, we are an online business as well. Many customers purchased items from our website and participated in our curbside pickup. We also shipped out a large number of purchases all over the states. During this time, we have seen a huge increase in our online sales and very thankful we had this service available for our customers.

In regards to our employees, they all work here part-time and do it for their fun money. They are ready to come back when the storefront reopens to the public and business picks up. Thankfully they have all been understanding and this has not caused a financial hardship on them.

We are in the process of reopening to the public but doing it in phases. At this time, we are providing shopping times by appointment only. Our customers love this and do not have to worry about having to wait to get in the door due to the small number allowed in at a time. We do plan to reopen our doors next week but will reduce our normal hours. We will continue to offer private shopping appointments before and after our new operating hours for those who do not feel comfortable coming in with others.

Right now, small businesses are struggling and it is so hard to see my business neighbors in such a financial strain. ElisaGrayce has been blessed to have such loyal customers, not a large amount of business debt, and reasonable overhead. I fear some of my business friends will not be able to recover from COVID-19 and reopen. This is very disappointing as small businesses are important and it is a treasure to find things that are local.”

Thank you, Jennifer, for your honesty and insight.

It’s more important than ever to continue supporting local businesses. If you can safely do so, please consider shopping online with locally-owned retail stores and ordering take-out from local restaurants. 

You can shop at ElisaGrayce Boutique here:
If we can continue to work together, we can hold on to our local treasures.

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Friday, May 29, 2020

6 Reason Why You Should Choose ExpressTruckTax

Edward Dzialo 5/29/2020 Be the first to comment!

Here at SPAN Enterprises, we are proud of ExpressTruckTax because of what it is capable of delivering to our customers, to the people who trust us with their business. We were one of the original e-file providers and have been since 2010. Here are 6 reasons why we are unique and unrivaled within the industry.

1.) Year-round Customer Service

We understand that you didn’t start your business to pay taxes. You are capable of running your own business because you have a level of expertise within the trucking industry that allows you to do so. Paying taxes is an added responsibility, an offshoot, but it is not your primary focus.

Taxes are complicated and ever-changing. Because you put your business first, no one expects you to be an expert at filing taxes. Luckily, we are. 

That is why we are the only provider offering year-round customer service support. When you call us, you will speak to a trained professional who will give you the attention and help that you need and deserve. And we can do this in two languages: English and Spanish.

2.) Free VIN Corrections

We were the first to offer free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) corrections. Ok, these numbers are long. When you’re writing them out, nines can look like fours, zeros can look like letters. 

We put our focus on creating the best experience for our clients. We not only want your future business, but we aim to earn it. Charging for VIN corrections speaks against that philosophy. It is taking money from our clients at the cost of their mistakes. We want to help you, not penalize you.

3.) First to Use the Term “Truck Tax”

Our term, “truck tax,” includes the Highway Vehicle Use Tax and accompanying form, the 2290. Maybe this seems like a small detail, but it summarizes our approach: we create simple solutions for our clients.

If it pertains to truck taxes, we are going to package it in a way that will make your job easier. No detail gets overlooked. And this includes coming up with terms that simplify the taxes you are required to pay. 

4.) One of the Only Providers Operating Out of an Office

We are professionals who serve other professionals, and we conduct ourselves accordingly. Unlike some of our competitors who operate out of their homes, we choose to work out of an office. 

Why is this important? An office is a place where focus is placed on work. When you contact us, you will be speaking to someone who is at a location with other people who have shared goals. And those goals are to build a better experience for our customers.

A home has distractions. We understand that people have lives outside of the office. But we also know that when you do business with us that you expect our full attention. And that is what you will receive because you are trusting us with your money and livelihood. 

5.) Only Provider with a Track Record of Success in Other Areas

No matter what product we are providing our clients, our service remains constant. The underlying theme of our success is that we want to give a valuable service that makes our clients’ lives easier. 

Being established in other areas demonstrates that we know how to meet a customer’s demands, and we can deliver a top-quality product that will match the level of service you expect. 

6.) We Give You More for Less

Bottom Line: You want the most for the least amount of money. The money you earn should get reinvested back into your business or life. 

This is not the section where I explain that working with the best is going to cost you a premium. Instead, I want to say that when we began, other providers were charging up to $29.95 per truck. We did it for $9.90 a truck.

Let our expertise be your best asset. Try ExpressTruckTax today.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

A Product Ten Years in the Making

Edward Dzialo 5/20/2020 Be the first to comment!

At SPAN Enterprises, we are proud to say that with ExpressTruckTax, we have been an original e-file provider since 2010. There are intangible assets that come with doing business with a company that has spent a decade perfecting its product. 

The Evolution of Creativity

Whether you are talking about a book, a song, or a software program, the result rarely looks like what you started with. It was rumored that Ernest Hemingway’s novella, The Old Man and the Sea, which stands at less than 100 pages long, was originally over 900. The excess gets chiseled away. The end product, the one that goes out to the customer, becomes boiled-down perfection. Everything you need with nothing you don’t.

This is one of the many reasons why we stand behind ExpressTruckTax. A decade of experience cannot be replicated. Imagine two people sitting down to the same piano. One has practiced for ten years, and the other has just begun. Who do you expect would produce superior music? 

Whether you are a new client or have been with us since the beginning, you are receiving a product that has evolved and has been crafted to meet your needs.  

Pushing the Limits

Unless you have spent the time developing your product, you will never truly know what it—or you—is capable of. 

ExpressTruckTax was not created in a vacuum. It grew by allowing our customers to use the software, and then we were open to receiving their constructive feedback. Decisions towards improvements were based on need. There is no one better to tailor your product around than your customers. 

Our job was to create ExpressTruckTax to work with our customer’s needs, and we took that very seriously. Regardless of whether you are a multinational company or a small tech startup, there comes a point where you’ve sculpted your product as far as you're able. Then it gets released out into the world, and the customer gets to use it in real-time, under life’s demands, conditions, and deadlines.   

The feedback we receive goes into improving the product, to making it better than we thought possible. And when you use ExpressTruckTax, you are getting our ten years of experience along with it. It is one aspect of our business that separates us from our competitors.   

Becoming an Expert

There are no shortcuts. Those who believe in them are destined for failure. That’s why we don’t.

We’ve grown and crafted our ExpressTruckTax software for over ten years. When we began, other providers were charging $29.95 for a single truck. We saved our customers money by offering our services for $9.90 per truck. A superior product at a fraction of the cost. 

When you choose to use ExpressTruckTax, you get our years of experience along with it. Should you have any questions, our year-round customer support professionals are here to help. 

Let our expertise be yours. Try ExpressTruckTax today.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Help When You Need It

Edward Dzialo 5/13/2020 Be the first to comment!

The roots of success are simple: Do the basics so well that advanced skillsets develop naturally. Nothing can be built upon a weak foundation. 

I work and write for SPAN Enterprises because we apply this mentality to both their products and to their clients. With ExpressTruckTax, our foundation was built over ten years. This was done to perfect the product. Our clients receive a reliable, up-to-date, secure, and easy-to-use electronic filing solution. We are the only provider who offers year-round customer support by trained professionals. And we do it in two languages—English and Spanish. 

Unless you are a tax professional, no one gets into business for the sole purpose of paying taxes. They are complex, ever-changing, detailed. Errors are a direct loss of income. So why would anyone choose to go at this alone? When it is time to file your 2290, do so with someone who has your back, someone who has proven themself to be a worthy ally, someone who is as invested in your success as you are.

We have gotten here by being immersed in the industry. When you have questions regarding the Form 2290, our answers come weighted with information tied to the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), International Registration Plan (IRP), state filings, and from our familiarity with many of our other, vital truck management software programs. Complicated tax jargon can be overwhelming. We know them so you don’t have to. 

When you’re in charge of people or a business, it is easy to be consumed with a desire to succeed, to support your employees, to do everything to the best of your ability. I knew this all too well when I was a newly-minted Marine officer. Near-constant deployment rotations, young Marines to be accountable for, and there was also an undercurrent of competition amongst the platoon commanders. Nobody, not the least of which—me— wanted to be outperformed, outdone. To have your Marines fail in front of an audience equated to public shaming. 

During the field exercises, we’d be given missions. Our platoons would be evaluated on proficiency and execution. When the day was over, platoon commanders would stand in silent praise or loud ridicule depending on how their Marines performed.   

No matter the occasion, there was another platoon that always outperformed mine. They were faster, slicker, and could communicate with one another without words. If a radio battery died, three Marines would be there to fix it without being asked to do so. They were in tune with each other. It was art, but it certainly wasn’t magic.

As a writer who has now left the military to work in the private sector, it’s become easy to see how that platoon outperformed me. It’s the very same reason I brought up earlier. It is why businesses succeed or fail: the people who come out on top excel at the basics better than their competitors. 

Look at Amazon. What Amazon did better than anyone, at least at the time, was how well they built their success on two things: low cost and speed of delivery. This excelling-at-the-basics philosophy can be seen with Steve Jobs. He spent as much time designing the inside of his computers, the parts that the consumer would never see, as he did on the outside.  

Drill the basics. Focus on the small details. Make the circuits as beautiful as the screen. When the foundation is there, the completed whole becomes a recognizable, dominant force. When using ExpressTruckTax, you do not only get the support you need, but you get it from knowledgeable, trained professionals who have a track record of helping hundreds of thousands of clients. 

Another lesson I learned in the Marines was to never interfere with someone else’s time or money. Taxes threaten both. This is why we offer our support. Because you have trusted us to use our product, we protect that relationship by helping you when you need it. And you will have no better ally when you call our customer support team.

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