Thursday, August 27, 2020

Your Port In The 2290 Storm

Edward Dzialo 8/27/2020


Recently, I was with a friend who was trying to figure out to file an extension for her income taxes. At first, it seemed easy. A friend of hers told her to go a government website, click a button, fill out one or two lines of information, and it would be done.

But it wasn’t that easy.

After going through the official website, she was led to third-party companies—of which, there were several. After about ten pages and twenty minutes later, she was prompted to pay $20 for the extension.

As I was helping her do this, I realized that I had no idea who was receiving the money or why it was being requested. Out of sheer frustration and a need to just be done with the whole ordeal, she paid it. The extension was filed.

Was there an easier way? I don’t have the slightest. Nor do I know where that $20 went.


Using the scenario above as a reference, I will point out that there is an “uptick” in people using our services to file their 2290s as the deadline approaches.

There’s nothing wrong with this. We love these people. When they file their 2290 is not as important as their choice to file with us. We will deliver for anyone who wants to do business with us. We’d stake out decade’s worth of experience and reputation on it.

But if you’re one of those people who forget about filing their annual 2290, and then one night, around 1 am, you sit bolt upright with the realization that you’re a week away from the deadline, then maybe you’re also the person who looks for the first solution that you can find.

You want this done. You want it done now. You have other things you want to get to.

Hey, I get it. I file my annual taxes every year, and it’s not something I have a birthday-like countdown for. But that doesn’t mean because you want to file your 2290 quickly you should pick a service at random. 


Even if you are in a scramble to file your Form 2290, take a moment to file it once and do it right.

It’s an exaggeration, but when you go to buy a car, you don’t randomly pick one without any sort of forethought or research. I mean, they all get you from point A to point B, but they aren’t the same.


When you choose to file your 2290 through us with ExpressTruckTax, a reputable product with the history to prove it, you know what you’re getting. You know who you are dealing with. If you want to know more about us, look at our website. Give us a call and speak to our trained professionals.

With little effort, you’ll find our address and where our office is located. But most importantly, we are going to file your 2290 for you. We guarantee it.

I’ll say that again: we guarantee it. If we can’t get your 2290 filed for you, then you get your money back. What if there’s a mistake on a form and the IRS sends it back? Great question. We’ll help you resolve that too.

If you woke up last night in a cold sweat worried about getting your 2290 filed, then look no further than ExpressTruckTax. We’re so confident in our ability to get your 2290 filed, that we guarantee it.


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