Thursday, July 16, 2020

When Tax Day Comes in July (Strange but True)

Edward Dzialo 7/16/2020

During a normal year, when it’s the middle of July, we’re fresh off a long Fourth of July weekend and methodically working through Form 2290 season.

But it’s not a normal year; it’s 2020.

If you’re an accountant, you’re in the midst of a tax season that you expected to end back in April and now you’re filing income taxes in July. And this is not your average July if you’re an employee at SPAN Enterprises.

People at SPAN Enterprises are in the middle of a proverbial tax crossroads: tax-exempt organizations are filing their annual tax returns through ExpressTaxExempt, people are filing their extensions for both personal and business income taxes through ExpressExtension.

Let’s add two more layers to this. Not only are we in the two-month window where every trucker in America is filing their truck taxes (2290), but anyone or any organization filing extensions will still have to complete the process by October 15th.

No problem.

And I mean that. When I was in the Marines, the leader I looked up to, the person I would’ve followed anywhere, said that the secret of his success was surrounding himself with good people.

The severity the COVID-19 has had in our personal lives notwithstanding, look at the current challenges that we are both facing and solving. If the right people weren’t here, the difficulties of the times would just be that much more crushing.

Anyone can hold their chin up and smile when things are going as planned, when the chips fall where they were expected to. True character emerges when challenges force themselves into your daily life. It’s not as easy to smile then, but it’s every bit as important.

Recently, in the mornings, after I go through my daily rituals of training (CrossFit), making coffee (an espresso blend with a Chemex), and planning and scheduling out my assignments for the day (with a Bullet Journal), I’ve been getting a message. It usually happens right before 9:00 am.

Today the message read, “Helping TaxBandits for today.”

The woman who sent me this message is a true professional. When you call for help on one of your products, you might speak to her. She’s kind and she’ll solve your problem for you. Once, she was on the phone with a client for over three hours. Not only was she helping him with our product, but she had to explain to him how to use a computer. That’s not a knock on our client, by no means. It’s a testament to how committed she is to helping other people.

That said, because of the challenges we’re facing because of the tax season being drastically altered due to COVID-19, she’s jumping on another product to give the support where it is needed. To be clear, this is not a result of being understaffed. It is a direct reflection of us trying to adjust to the times we are in. Being able to shift focus and realign your priorities is fundamental for survival.

I take two things from this: 1.) It’s a wonderful thing when people help one another. 2.) I know that if you are a TaxBandits client, you are going to get the support you deserve.

To be honest, I started this piece to discuss the tax season, why it has shifted to the right, and what to expect in the future. The more I thought about it, the real story became about the people behind the products.

If you’re reading this and you’re considering using any of our products, understand that our dedication and professionalism comes with each.

Whether you are looking to file your 2290 with ExpressTruckTax, your tax exemptions through ExpressTaxExempt, or your extension through ExpressExtensions. No one else has our product. And no one else has our people. 

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