Monday, October 19, 2020

The Low-Level Trajectory For Long-Term Success

Anonymous 10/19/2020


Sometimes I get apprehensive when people eagerly offer free advice. At the risk of becoming the type
of person I just warned you about, here’s something I’ve learned: choose the path of the lowest trajectory aimed at the far-away horizon. In other words, have a plan for the future. Don’t grab at short-term gains, despite how glittery they may appear.

Why am I talking about this now?

This is a trait I have come to value when working alongside other people, and it is certainly something I see incorporated into SPAN Enterprises’ values.

What is so exciting about working here is that I really don’t know what the company is going to look like in five years—and this is a great thing. For instance, no one who works here is content with this company doing the exact same thing we are doing now five years into the future.

This isn’t to say that SPAN Enterprises is willing to walk away from something solely for the sake of change. What I am saying is the exact opposite. Everyone here wants to build off what we have worked so hard to create. We seek to discover the natural evolution of our products.

Organic and Natural

Seeking to discover the natural evolution of our products is critical. To allow a product to grow, it must happen organically. This happens in the best way possible: by listening to our customers and clients. 

Our founders and tech team design products and software brilliantly. It’s not only the know-how and experience that is noteworthy, but it is their ability to generate solutions before the product has launched. They anticipate how the client will interact with our software and design accordingly.

Though our products are well-thought-out and crafted before being sent out into the world, the world changes. Laws are created. Regulations get added. These needs are not problems but opportunities to evolve to meet the needs of our clients.

Pivot or Disappear

Think of this: At their peak, Blockbuster ran 9,904 stores worldwide. They had $5.9 billion in revenue (half a billion came in late fees alone!). Without question, this was an upper-echelon company.

And they had the opportunity to purchase Netflix for $50 million. Blockbuster’s CEO, reportedly, laughed the offer out of his office.

We know where this story ends. Blockbuster went bankrupt in 2010, and now, Netflix is valued at $194 billion.

I am not mocking the decision because I have the benefit of hindsight. Maybe I would have made the same decision as the Blockbuster CEO did. But when I look to the leadership of SPAN Enterprises, I believe in their ability to do what Blockbuster did not: to see the evolving needs of the consumer.

When I said earlier that the people at SPAN Enterprises are not content to be doing the same thing five years into the future, this is what I meant.

Resting on what you have is short term. Using foresight to adapt your product to the needs of the consumer before they need them is long-term. That is evolution. And that is what SPAN Enterprises does.


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