Wednesday, June 17, 2020

How ExpressTruckTax Is a Solution For You

Edward Dzialo 6/17/2020

The 2020-2021 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290 filing deadline is August 31, 2020. It’s coming fast. As challenging as 2020 has been for our country—for our planet, it hasn’t made the time go by any slower. Maybe you’d forgotten about Form 2290. With as many things that are happening, I wouldn’t and couldn’t blame you. 

However, the deadline still looms. But I had a mentor once who told me to never present a problem without a suggested solution. If you need help with your Form 2290, use ExpressTruckTax. 

If you can fill out the information (for example things like each truck’s 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number and gross weight), we can do the rest. 

Why ExpressTruckTax?

I could speak to all of the ExpressTruckTax’s benefits, and I have done as much in previous posts. But I am going to offer a new reason as to why you should use ExpressTruckTax when filing your Form 2290: We are the only provider with a proven track record of success in other areas. 

Why Is This Important?

Imagine that you are going to an office for a business meeting. When you get there, you see messy desks, cords in tangled piles, and there’s visible dust on the window sills. Although none of these things speak directly to the quality of the business, it will likely influence your opinion of it.

Why? Because when you notice that small details are being overlooked, you begin to wonder what else are they not paying attention to. Small details matter because they speak to your focus, your commitment to doing things the right way.

Along with ExpressTruckTax, SPAN Enterprises has a multitude of other products: PayWow, 123PayStubs, ACAWise, TruckLogics, Truck Services of North America, and others. 

You cannot create this many products by avoiding the small details. When you use one of our products, you get our ten-year history and experience. Remember those small details we talked about earlier? We don’t miss those. Our track record speaks to it. 

How Does This Help Me?

In a multitude of ways. For instance, if you have a question, we’ve likely heard it before. Just because it may be a common question doesn’t make it any less important. Our trained support staff is here at your disposal. Our help will just be delivered that much quicker.

Our diversified product range stands alongside our commitment to excellence and our devotion to our clients. Also, there are many direct benefits to you. For instance, Truck Services of North America is the #1 US-based Form 2290 provider. Instead of e-filing, it is done over the phone—an important detail if you’re a trucker who spends months at a time on the road.

Should your needs change, you will be able to find a different product but one that comes with the care and support that you’ve come to rely on and expect.

If you are a truck driver who is expanding and is hiring contractors, then you can use 123PayStubs, a very simple and efficient payment method. Again, as your needs change, you have the support of a company with a proven record behind you. 

Try ExpressTruckTax to file your Form 2290 today!

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