Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to our CEO

Span Enterprises 9/23/2013
Yesterday was the birthday of our Co-Founder & CEO, Agie. Seeing as we are a laid back company with a family atmosphere, we decided to have a little fun.

In our brand new office, Agie has floor to ceiling glass walls for his office. Well, this fact was just too tempting for us. Agie is not a fan of sticky notes, so we made sure to rid his desk drawers of these pests.

After some lunch and cake, we dispersed for the weekend, leaving Agie to think the prank was done. However, we were simply setting him up to let his guard down; we had other plans.

As of this morning, we made sure Agie had enough balloons for his birthday. The fact that the sticky notes never got removed just made it that much better.

Agie appreciates a good prank (or two) and had a good laugh. And of course, all of this was removed and organization was restored by the end of the day, because clutter is not our style.

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