Friday, August 23, 2013

We Have a Runway

Span Enterprises 8/23/2013

Since our team at Span Enterprises has launched so many great products over the past few years, we decided that our new office might as well have a runway.   So we built one.

As you can see in this photo, we have stained the concrete in our new office leaving a "runway" that spans the length of the building.   Our new space is designed with an aviation theme, which is fitting because Span Enterprises is a place where great ideas take flight.  

Our 2nd Floor office of the Citizens Building in Old Town Rock Hill, SC is coming along great!  Our floors are finished, our walls are in place, and now we just need to add furniture.

If you would like to see your ideas take flight, you can apply to Join Our Team! We are always looking for talented individuals who can help us grow. If you are interested in a career at SPAN, please Apply Online.