Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Tea Time at the Office

Span Enterprises 7/26/2013
Although Span Enterprises is a somewhat non-traditional office, we have developed several office traditions over the past few years.  One of our older traditions at the office is Tea Time.  Everyday at 4:00 we ring a bell and everyone who is available gathers around our increasingly crowded table to enjoy some snacks, coffee, or tea.  

Our Tea Time refreshments are different each day.  Sometimes it's fresh fruit, some days it's cupcakes, and sometimes we simply enjoy coffee, tea, & conversation.  

Since we have outgrown our current space, we are making big plans for our new office in Old Town Rock Hill, SC to include a lounge & kitchen area large enough to accommodate our daily Tea Time.  

If you would like to enjoy our Tea Time festivities on a daily basis, you can Join Our Team! We are always looking for talented individuals who can help us grow.  If you are interested in a career at SPAN, please Apply Online.