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Carolina Panthers are here! An excited welcome from SPAN.

Anonymous 6/12/2019

Here at SPAN, the office has been buzzing with the news that the Carolina Panthers were planning to move their training headquarters to Rock Hill, SC. We’ve had season tickets since 2014, so needless to say we’re fans!

SPAN Enterprises has called Rock Hill, SC home for almost 10 years now, and we’ve formed a bond with the community around us. We serve clients worldwide, but our hometown roots are firmly planted in Rock Hill, South Carolina soil, even though we’ve “repotted” a few times as our business has grown!  

Because of our history in Rock Hill, SPAN Enterprises is uniquely able to give Carolina Panthers team members and fans the inside scoop on the best places to visit in Rock Hill, SC.  

We asked our own team members here at SPAN for their recommendations.  From lunch to drinks, sites to sounds - here are the places any Panthers-proud person needs to go when they head over to check out the new headquarters in Rock Hill, SC!

Places Every Panther Fan Should Visit in Rock Hill, SC (According to SPAN team members!)

Millstone Pizza + Taphouse is located deliciously close to SPAN Enterprises’ offices right in the heart of downtown Rock Hill, SC!  We advise any group in town to grab a table, and we’ll meet you there! The pizza options make this the perfect place for your rowdy crowd of Carolina Panthers fans, plus there’s television screens to watch the game!  
“...Millstone Pizza + Taphouse makes a promise to use only the best of the best ingredients to make a pizza that is simply unrivaled.” - from

Our team member was so enthusiastic about this one, she practically demanded we put it on the list!  Rock Hill, SC has several options for healthier, authentic eating, and this is one of them! We reckon that any member of the Carolina Panthers team could put away quite the feast after a practice, and RoCo Rotisserie & Bar offers just that!  

“Our main attraction, marinated rotisserie chicken, is the starting point on a menu that creatively mixes Southern and “south of the border” ingredients...The bottom line is that our food is high quality and tasty.” - from

Glencairn Garden has long been the pride of Rock Hill, SC.  Since 1928, in fact! Now that the Carolina Panthers are here, we can introduce one source of pride to another!  Whatever the season, this lush, sprawling garden is an absolute must-not-miss for any visitor.

“What started as the backyard garden of David & Hazel Bigger in 1928 is now an 11 acre paradise located in the heart of Rock Hill . . . and it continues to grow. The Garden boasts a variety of blooms year round.” - from

The Riverwalk area along the Catawba River is a booming section of growth that offers both a neighborhood and a small-town-main-street feel.  If you want a lazy day by the river before strolling over to a local pub to watch the Carolina Panthers win another game, this is your spot.

“The Brass Tap Rock Hill offers over 150 craft beers from around the globe in a neighborhood atmosphere that feels both relaxed and upscale. You can even enjoy a premium cigar while relaxing on our inviting, open air patio...From salty to tangy to sweet, you're sure to find a flavor to compliment your beer and appease your appetite on our food menu.” - from

With free admission and group reservations available, the Comporium Telephone Museum makes the perfect, unique experience for those wanting to get their learn on at the same time that they support local athletics.  Want something fun to do with the kids that’s a little more low key? Visit this spot for hands-on learning and local, Rock Hill, SC history.

“Spend an hour or so learning about the history of communication as well as a little history of Rock Hill, SC. See the telephone booth, Mack truck and switchboard.” - from

And there you have it! Recommendations from our team here at SPAN Enterprises to our fellow fans for some of the best spots in Rock Hill, SC, the new training headquarters for the Carolina Panthers! While this isn’t an exhaustive list, we hope you get the idea that there’s a lot to see and taste while you’re here, whether you call Rock Hill, SC home or you’re just visiting!  We love it here, and that’s why we’ve stayed for nearly ten years!

Speaking of ten years, stay tuned to this blog for the latest on our ten year anniversary celebrations to come!

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